Pottery Class Changes!

More new things for 2023: Class Updates!
Please read for important changes to how pottery classes are booked.

I now will be hosting workshop-style classes once a month on specific projects. I will be posting dates for specific Workshops every month. For example, January’s Workshop was all about vases, February is Mardi Gras, and March will be clay marbling! Keep an eye out for all of our new monthly workshops!

I will also be hosting Pottery Wheel classes on specific days a few times per month. For each Pottery Wheel day, I will have time slots throughout the day that can be filled with individuals or groups up to 5. Large group classes (5 or more participants) can be booked separately, upon request. Birthday parties will also be booked separately from Pottery Wheel class days. Filling up specific days with pottery wheel sessions rather than scheduling classes here and there throughout the month will allow me to better spend my time and shorten wait times for classes and picking up your finished pottery.

Paint-Your-Own Pottery classes will still be booked by appointment every Tuesday-Saturday.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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