About Jacques’ Pottery Shop


205 S Adams St
Welsh, La 70591


Tuesday-Saturday: 10-6

Sunday & Monday: closed


Our New Name:

Pictured above: MaJacques posing with my dad’s motorcycle for her 80th birthday

Artist Statement:

My ceramic dinnerware embraces the idea that the objects we use in our everyday lives can be as elegant as they are functional. I create my work to be simultaneously elegant and comfortable, inviting the user to reach for my pieces again and again. We typically choose dinnerware based on the occasion; on an everyday basis, we use basic plates and bowls that feel safe and comfortable, while we use more elegant, artful pieces only on special occasions. The pieces that we eat from can enhance our dining experiences. We should allow ourselves to have better dining experiences even on the most mundane of days. I create work that is comfortable for everyday use while maintaining the level of elegance found in the pieces that inspire my work.

I am continually inspired by the structured designs and forms found in fine china as well as the organic, flowing, asymmetry found in plant life. The plant that appears most often in my work is the perennial Lamb’s Ear. I have admired this particular plant for much of my life because of its simplicity and texture. It has soft, inviting leaves that encourage the viewer to reach for them, just as my dinnerware set encourages users to reach for it.

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